Snap Frame A-Board

Introducing Our Snap Frame A-Board: Quality Meets Affordability

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Additional Information

  • During the ordering process, you can provide or upload your design or design requirements. You may do so via the form or send it to us by email later, ensuring to include the order number in the subject line. Once we receive your design, we will send you a design proof via email for your approval before proceeding with the printing of your order. Please note that we will not process your order until the artwork has been approved.
  • Accepted artwork formats include EPS, JPEG, PDF, AI, and PSD. For optimal printing quality, design your artwork at full size with a resolution of 150dpi or at half size with a resolution of 300dpi.
  • It's essential to remember that we print all designs in CMYK, which may result in colour shifts when designs are supplied in RGB format. To ensure accurate font reproduction, please convert all fonts to outlines.
  • While we strive to match colours as closely as possible, some print processes may lead to slight colour changes. Colours may not always print exactly as they appear on your computer monitor, so please inform us if you have specific colour shades in mind.
  • For best results, avoid placing any critical artwork or text within 5cm of any edge. Additionally, please add a bleed of 25mm to the height and width of your design.


Introducing Our Snap Frame A-Board: Quality Meets Affordability
Elevate your advertising game with the Snap Frame A-Board, a cost-effective yet top-quality pavement sign that stands out in the market. Uncompromising on quality while keeping your budget intact, this A-board is designed to make your message shine.

Key Features

  1. Robust Aluminium Frame:
    • The Snap Frame A-Board boasts a durable aluminium frame, ensuring longevity and sturdiness for your promotional needs.
  2. Sturdy Legs for Stability:
    • With strong legs, this A-board stands firm, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a budget-friendly pavement sign without compromising stability.
  3. Anti-Glare PVC Covers:
    • Your posters are held securely with anti-glare PVC covers, guaranteeing visibility without distracting reflections. Your message remains clear and impactful.
  4. Versatile Sizing Options:
    • Available in various sizes including A2, 20×30, A1, 30×40, and A0, our Snap Frame A-Board caters to different promotional needs and preferences.

Standard Specifications

  • 32mm Front Opening Profile:
    • The poster frame features a 32mm front opening profile, providing easy access for quick poster changes.
  • Locking Stay Hinges:
    • Equipped with locking stay hinges, the A-board ensures stability and security in all weather conditions.
  • Double-Sided Visibility:
    • Capture attention from both directions with the double-sided display feature, maximizing the impact of your message.
  • Weather-Resistant Design:
    • Built to withstand the elements, the Snap Frame A-Board is weather-resistant, making it suitable for various outdoor environments.
  • Silver Anodised Profile:
    • The 32mm silver anodised profile adds a sleek and modern touch, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your promotional display.
  • Non-Reflective PVC Covers:
    • The front sheet features 0.4mm non-reflective PVC covers, ensuring clear visibility without unwanted reflections.
  • Galvanised Steel Back Panel:
    • The back panel, made of galvanised steel, adds an extra layer of durability to the A-board.


  • Material: steel frame, aluminium board
  • Double-Sided Display Area: A) A1  B) A2
  • Portable Weight: A) 6,5kg, B) 8,5kg
  • Frame Colours: silver


Q: What is an A-Frame?
    • A: An A-Frame, also known as a sandwich board or pavement sign, is a freestanding outdoor display with two hinged boards in the shape of the letter 'A,' providing double-sided visibility.
Q: Where can I use A-Frames?
    • A: A-Frames are ideal for outdoor use and can be strategically placed on sidewalks, near storefronts, at events, or any location where you want to capture the attention of passersby.
Q: Can I customize the graphics on my A-Frame?
    • A: Yes, Mikas Design A-Frames are fully customizable. Work with our design team to create custom graphics that align with your brand identity, promotions, or specific messaging.
Q: Are A-Frames weather-resistant?
    • A: Mikas Design A-Frames are crafted with sturdy construction and are designed to withstand outdoor elements. While they are weather-resistant, it's recommended to bring them indoors during severe weather conditions for longevity.
Q: How do I change the graphics on my A-Frame?
    • A: Changing graphics on your A-Frame is easy. Simply unhinge the boards, replace the existing graphics with new ones, and secure the boards back in place.
Q: Can I order A-Frames with different graphics for various promotions?
    • A: Yes, you can order multiple A-Frames with different graphics to cater to different promotions, events, or ongoing marketing campaigns.
Q: What sizes are available for A-Frames?
    • A: Mikas Design offers a variety of sizes for A-Frames, allowing you to choose the dimensions that best suit your display needs.
Q: Can A-Frames be used indoors?
    • A: While A-Frames are designed for outdoor use, they can be used indoors if you have the space for a freestanding display. However, keep in mind that their design is optimized for outdoor visibility.
Q: Are A-Frames easy to transport?
    • A: Yes, A-Frames are designed to be portable and easy to transport. The hinged boards make them compact, and their lightweight construction allows for convenient movement.
Q: How do I clean and maintain my A-Frame?
    • A: To clean your A-Frame, use a mild soap solution and a soft cloth. Regularly inspect the hinges and overall structure for any signs of wear. Store indoors when not in use to prolong its lifespan.
  1. Choose Your Design: Select from our pre-designed templates or collaborate with our design team to create a custom A-Frame design that reflects your brand identity.
  2. Place Your Order: Easily place your order through our online platform or contact our customer service for personalized assistance.
  3. Receive Your A-Frame: Once your design is approved and your order is placed, receive your portable and attention-grabbing A-Frame delivered to your desired location.


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